A recording has surfaced of Shreveport Police brass talking to the woman who was accused of engaging in a sex act at the police station with a high ranking official in the department.

On this recording, you can hear the investigator call Marcus Mitchell "the Mayor's boy" and he also refers to Police Chief Wayne Smith as a "dinosaur".

This recording has been obtained by Reporter News and posted on Facebook.

In the recording you can hear the investigator talking to a female investigator, Peggy Elzie who was accused of taking part in the inappropriate activity at the station.

What Does the Investigator Says to Elzie?

"You're a good officer Elzie and I hope nothing happens. I really think you're an asset to the department."

He Continues:

"If this wasn't so high profile, they probably wouldn't go 100 yards with it. We'd probably be done at this point if it wasn't the Chief bearing down the neck, the Mayor's boy, possible chief in the future. The repercussions are going to be hard on this one."

You Be the Judge and Listen to the Full Recording

Shreveport Police Administrative Assistant Marcus Mitchell was fired last week by Chief Smith after the internal investigation was wrapped up.

Elzie was placed on leave.

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