Political analyst Dr. Jeff Sadow talks about the latest turns in the Presidential election vote count, what he anticipates will happen next and, looking local, what lies ahead for Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins following his failed United States Senate bid.

Sadow first addresses Republican claims of voter fraud in a number of states and whether President Trump and the GOP have a leg to stand on. "No doubt there's going to be litigation and some recounts and the like," he says, "The Supreme already signaled a few days before the election it would be open to looking at these kinds of things."

Then Sadow peers into the not-too-distant future. "One week from today we'll have unofficial final totals. A month from now we will be on the cusp of mandatory reporting to the House of Representatives and the states (electoral college) certification and in between there will be a lot of litigation to come up with those final numbers."

Dr. Jeff then opines on the future of Mayor Adrian Perkins and his future as Shreveport's Chief Executive. "I suspect for one reason or another, maybe by his choice or not by his choice, that this is going to be his only term. It still baffles me why he ran for the Senate. The only reason he would do it, in my mind,, is that he really doesn't see himself in office for a second term."

He then emphasizes that after his distant second place finish in the Senate race does bode well for future attempts. "When you perform so poorly in a statewide election, "Sadow says, "There's not going to be a lot of confidence...in you by those who would be activist donors. I suspect his future in the next few years is going to be outside or on the periphery of politics and not in elective office."


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