Political analyst Jeff Sadow talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about Saturday's election results, including his opinion that the reelection of Governor John Bel Edwards reconfirms Louisiana as "a banana republic."

Sadow tells KEEL listeners that much like Central American nations that are "exporting" people to the USA, Louisiana's "product" is also people, fleeing a state with little or no opportunity.

Sadow, from thehayride.com:

"They’ll leave their jobs (which had a habit of disappearing during Edwards’ term) and take their drive and initiative elsewhere. Unfortunately, they’ll also dilute support for reforms by their departure, making Louisiana even more closely resemble the relationship Mexico and Central America have had with the U.S. – exporting people tired of lousy governance that prevents them from exercising their significantly greater talents and motivations to achieve than that of those who stay behind."

Sadow also expounds on his thoughts that it was the fault of Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins - specifically his handling of the city's police and fire department's lack of participation in the recent Presidential visit - for may undecided voters who turned down all three proposals in Saturday's $186 million bond proposal.

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