Political analyst Dr. Jeff Sadow talks about the chances of a second insurance / tort reform bill passing through the Louisiana legislature, after a previous version was vetoed by Governor John Bel Edwards.

Sadow first talks about the failure of the first try at reform in this legislative session and the difficulties going forward. "Its the same problem that's been around for the last month and the last four years and that would be Governor Edwards."

But Sadow thinks that if this newer bill passes, the Governor - and a growing number of Democrats - could be on board. "I think the reason you're seeing additional votes is because of a set of resolutions...suspensions of the law that would take care of a lot of things that Republican leadership is rallying around. So I think some Democrats are jumping on for a free ride, they don't want to be responsible for overturning a veto , being put in that position, but at the same time they're thinking if he (Edwards) signs the bill anyway, I can sneak in a vote that looks good to my constituents without betraying my governor or my party on this issue."

In a recent article published at thehayride.com, Sadow also suggested that Republicans may have to play hardball if the have a less-than-veto-proof majority:

"What Republicans plan to do is send (the reform bill) to the governor and keep the resolutions in either chamber on the brink of passage. They will give Edwards a deadline to sign not long before the session must adjourn. If he doesn’t comply, the resolutions will be passed. They will because Republicans have healthy majorities in each chamber."

And then Sadow speculates that Governor Edwards will find himself in a no win situation:

"He would be foolish to do anything but yield, and legislative Democrats know it. That explains their defectors. Most of that cohort don’t really support tort reform and wouldn’t vote to sustain a veto, but generally their constituents favor it. So, knowing tort reform is inevitable one way or the other, they want to look like they do as well."



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