Caddo Commissioner Roy Burrell talks about his recent email to Steve Prator, answering the Sheriff's criticisms concerning his vote not to recognize National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Burrell also explains the parts of his correspondence that seemed to lump the Sheriff and Commissioner Mario Chavez with "the ReTrumplican base...that 75% supported the Capitol insurrection."

"The Sheriff made it known that he is a Republican...and I know that he has strongly supported (Donald Trump). The 75% that I used was based on information that I take just like everybody else," and later added, "I know that there's long standing that white supremacists are aligned with the ReTrumplican right...or Republicans that support the President. I don't think that that is misstatement."

But despite his harsh words for Prator, Burrell hopes that he and the Sheriff are on good terms. "I think that the Sheriff was a little sensitive to this," he says, meaning his vote to not recognize the law enforcement recognition, "He kind of jumped the gun. Bit I want him to know that I support him. So, I'm their number one fan when they're right. But I'm their number one enemy when they're wrong."


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