State Representative Roy Burrell has decided to remove himself from the District 5 Caddo Commission race.

He released the following statement at a joint news conference:

"I am withdrawing my candidacy from the current race and supporting my friend and fraternity Brother, Commissioner Bowman. I plan to support the Commissioner as he continues to serve the citizens of District 5 by providing assistance and political mentorship towards his future endeavors due to my 20 years of local and state political experience. I am looking forward to seeing his vision for District 5 come to fruition, being that he has only served for three years, after winning a special election for the seat left vacant by his late mother, Commissioner Joyce Bowman, a long-time friend.

Unlike other political races I have been in, the decision to remove myself from political contention was not very difficult. (1) Commissioner Bowman and I have been friends and fraternity brothers for a number of years. (2) We have helped each other on community projects in our current positions as Caddo Parish Commissioner and State Representative. We both serve primarily the same constituents, being that eight out of the 10 precincts that make up Commission District 5 are part of my House District 2. (3) Also, I supported Commissioner Bowman to win his special election three years ago.

Given I will be experiencing term limits in 2016, I prayed for someone I could support who possessed some state legislative experience to take my place, and Commissioner Bowman came to mind. My reasons for qualifying to run for Commission District 5 had nothing to do with Commissioner Bowman's leadership over the past three years, but everything to do with a fear of not having representation for the citizens of Commission District 5 following the challenge by the Ethics Board of his qualification for office.

He may not be running currently to replace me in House District 2 as the divine would have it, but I will continue to support him in his future political endeavors.

Our meeting today is no indication of the ending of my political career. I will be taking this time to pursue other opportunities in business, economic and community development."

Burrell's announcement leaves Bowman running unopposed in the October 24th election.

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