Caddo Commissioner Roy Burrell talks about the need to complete the I-49 Inner City Connector and how the highway would vitalize the Shreveport economy.

"We've had some roadblocks...trying to move this project forward," says Burrell, "Hopefully we'll be moving forward since now we have more support from our legislators, including our Senators, the business community and residential. There are a lot of people out there who think it's time to get the project through and try to get some (federal) money to Shreveport."

Burrell then responds to recent comments by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg that the cornerstone of the Biden administration is to end a federal transportation system that frequently cut through Black and brown neighborhoods in order to build freeways, often cutting off Black and brown populations from economic opportunity.

"I can understand Secretary Buttigieg, because that's the information he gets," Burrell continues, "And I recognize in the past this has been a problem. But right now, with this piece of roadway - and we've already built two thirds of it - can be built today with public input. I would never actively support something that would destroy a neighborhood."

And to those who oppose the highway's completion, Burrell says, "You find me an $863 million economic impact or another project that would bring that kind of economic impact and revive these dying communities. When you (can show) me that, I will shut my mouth."

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