Caddo Parish Commissioner Steven Jackson was one of 6 Commissioners to vote down a resolution to make January 9th as "National Law Enforcement Day" in Caddo Parish.

Jackson tells KEEL News he had issues with the wording to include "National".  If this language was recognizing law enforcement in Caddo Parish or Shreveport, I would be all over it."

In the minutes of the meeting, Jackson says:

You know the constituents that I represent don’t always have the best relationship with law enforcement and I want to be cautious of the message that we sending.


Jackson added that he would like to see some changes to the wording and he would gladly support it.

If this was recognizing law enforcement in Caddo Parish and Shreveport, I’d be all over it. But national law enforcement, I just I’m wrestling with that particularly after the scenes of yesterday knowing that again as I said earlier in the meeting that there is a double standard obviously, and it was on display yesterday. So, I just have some concerns about being that broad that generalized about law enforcement at this particular time.

I think we have great men and women who serve and protect our community. I would like us to have a distinct day for them. Jackson says he has no beef with the sheriff and he has always worked to help Sheriff Prator at every turn.

Jackson says he has always supported appropriations to the sheriff's office, to Shreveport police and many local law enforcement agencies throughout the parish. He adds: "I want to distinguish these local law enforcement agencies. I am a little disappointed that the sheriff did not pick up the phone and ask me what's going on with this resolution."

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