With qualifying officially over with, the ballots are now finalized for the October 12th election. Several local politicians can already start celebrating as they are running unopposed.

State Reps Sam Jenkins, Cedric Glover, Larry Bagley, Raymond Crews and Dodie Horton are all running without opposition.

In the Caddo Commission; Lyndon Johnson, Steven Jackson,Roy Burrell, Stormy Gage-Watts, Jim Taliaferro and John Atkins are all running unopposed. Caddo Coroner Todd Thoma is also unopposed.

Below is the full list of who is running and who has already won:


Sheriff – Steve Prator, Republican, Shreveport; Eric Hatfield, Democrat, Shreveport; “Mike Chicken Commander” Boyter, other party, Vivian; Glenn Cornell, no party, Shreveport; Hersy Jones Jr., Democrat, Sheveport.

Clerk of Court – Mike Spence, Democrat, Shreveport.

Assessor – Charles Henington Jr., Democrat, Shreveport.

Coroner – Todd G. Thoma, Republican, Shreveport.

Caddo Commission:

District 1 – Ken Brown, Republican, Shreveport; Patrick Harrington, Republican, Shreveport; Todd Hopkins, Republican, Mooringsport.

District 2 – Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 3 – Steven Jackson, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 4 – James Carstensen, Republican, Shreveport; Christopher David, Republican, Shreveport; John-Paul Young, Republican, Shreveport.

District 5 – Roy Burrell, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 6 – Lynn Cawthorne, Democrat, Shreveport; Steffon D. Jones, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 7 – Stormy Gage-Watts, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 8  Jim Taliaferro, Republican, Shreveport.

District 9 – John Atkins, Republican, Shreveport.

District 10 – Mario Chavez, Republican, Shreveport; Quinton James Aught, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 11 – Parker Ward, Republican, Shreveport; "Ed" Lazarus, Republican, Keithville

District 12 – Ken Epperson, Democrat, Shreveport; Louis Johnson, Democrat, Shreveport.


District Judge 26th District – Cynthia Carroll-Bridges, Republican, Bossier City; Charles Smith, Republican, Bossier City.

Sheriff – Julian Whittington, Republican, Benton.

Clerk of Court – Jill Sessions, Republican, Bossier City.

Assessor – Bobby Edmiston, Republican, Benton.

Coroner – John M. Chandler, Republican, Benton.

Bossier Parish Police Jury:

District 1 – Bob Brotherton, Republican, Elm Grove.

District 2 – Glenn Benton, Republican, Haughton; William Wittmer, Libertarian, Haughton.

District 3 – Martha Peace Reyenga, Republican, Benton; Philip Rodgers, Republican, Benton; Wes Shepherd, Republican, Benton; Jim Viola, Republican, Bossier City; Robert D. Williams, Republican, Benton.

District 4 – Norman Craig, Republican, Haughton; John Ed Jorden, Republican, Benton.

District 5 – Jack “Bump”’ Skaggs, Republican, Bossier City.

District 6 – Chris Marsiglia, Republican, Bossier City; Steven “Greg” Nichols, Republican, Bossier City.

District 7 – Jimmy Cochran, Democrat, Bossier City.

District 8 – Douglas Rimmer Sr., Republican, Bossier City.

District 9 – Jason Brown, Republican, Bossier City; Charles Gray, Democrat, Bossier City.

District 10 – Jerome Darby, Independent, Bossier City.

District 11 – Tom Salzer, Republican, Bossier City.

District 12 – Paul “Mac” Plummer, Republican, Bossier City.


Senate District 31 – Louie Bernard, Republican, Natchitoches; Douglas Brown, Republican, Cheneyville; Trey Flynn, Republican, Alexandria.

Senate District 36 – Ryan Gatti, Republican, Bossier City; Robert Mills, Republican, Benton; Mattie Preston, Democrat, Minden.

Senate District 37 – Debbie Hollis, Independent, Shreveport; Barrow Peacock, Republican, Shreveport.

Senate District 38 – Katrina D. Early, Democrat, Shreveport; John Milkovich, Democrat, Keithville; Barry Milligan, Republican, Shreveport.

Senate District 39 – Barbara Norton, Democrat, Shreveport; Jim Slagle, Republican, Vivian; Gregory Tarver, Democrat, Shreveport; Shante Wells, Democrat, Shreveport.

State Representative District 1 – James Harper, Republican, Shreveport; Randall Liles, Republican Shreveport; Danny McCormick, Republican, Vivian.

State Representative District 2 – Sam Jenkins Jr., Democrat, Shreveport.

State Representative District 3 – Tammy Phelps, Democrat, Shreveport; Daryl Joe Walters, Democrat, Shreveport; Lester Smith, Democrat, Shreveport.

State Representative District 4 – Cedric B. Glover, Democrat, Shreveport.

State Representative District 5 – Brian Salvatore, Democrat, Shreveport; Alan Seabaugh, Republican Shreveport.

State Representative District 6 – Thomas Pressly, Republican, Shreveport.

State Representative District 7 – Larry Bagley, Republican, Logansport.

State Representative District 8 – Raymond Crews, Republican, Bossier City.

State Representative District 9 – Dodie Horton, Republican, Haughton.

State Representative District 10 – Wayne McMahen, Republican, Springhill; Creighton Wilson, Democrat, Springhill.

State Representative District 11 – Patrick Jefferson, Democrat, Homer.

State Representative District 22 – Gabe Firment, Republican, Pollock; Carl Ray Lasyone, Republican, Colfax.

State Representative District 23 – Kenny R. Cox, Democrat, Mansfield.

State Representative District 24 – Willie Banks, Independent; Greg Lord, Republican, Leesville; Rodney Schamerhorn, Republican, Florien.

BESE District 4 – Tony Davis, Republican, Natchitoches.

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