KMSS now reports that sources have told them the Shreveport Police Officer who was shot tonight has died from her injuries. According to their reporting:

"Multiple sources have confirmed to NBC 6 News and Fox 33 that a female Shreveport police officer has died from injuries she sustained after being shot in the head.

Sources tell NBC 6 News and Fox 33 the officer was shot four times. The most serious injury came from the shot to the head."

The calls of the shooting came in just after 8pm tonight. More than 50 Shreveport Police Units, as well as Police Chief Ben Raymond, and Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, were on the scene tonight.

Early reports suggested that the shooting may have something to do with an armed robbery, but those were corrected quickly. The shooting took place prior to the officer starting her shift. She was in uniform during the shooting.

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