State Representative Alan Seabaugh talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL about the Saturday's election results, specifically the reelection of Governor John Bel Edwards and how he thinks the Democrat Governor will work with the GOP majority in both legislative houses.

Seabaugh tells KEEL listeners that "I expect more vetoes in the next session," referring to the Governor Edwards' response to Republican legislation, "The power has shifted drastically in our direction in both houses. This is the most (Republicans) we've ever the past century and a half. Not only more Republicans, but staunch conservatives in both houses."

But Seabaugh is also cautiously optimistic about working with the second term Dem. "It's up to John Bel," he says, "If he wants to meet us halfway and negotiate with us we can actually move the state forward and fix some of the problems."

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