It's going to be a stressful week for Shreveport on the crime fighting front. Many in the police department are anxiously awaiting the Mayor's choice of police chief. He's expected to submit a name to the city council at the Tuesday meeting.


Here's what the candidates scored on the civil service exam.

Interim Chief Benjamin Raymond - 94.
Lt. Janice Dailey - 92.
Sgt. Michael Carter - 89.
Cpl. Jason Frazier - 89.
Sgt. Kevin Strickland - 88.
Assistant chief of police Wayne Smith - 86.
Lt. Tedris Smith - 78.

The Mayor's Advisory Committee has chosen Carter, Tedris Smith and Wayne Smith as the 3 finalists for the job.
This leaves Raymond out, but Mayor Adrian Perkins can select someone off the list of finalists. He told us something "crazy" would have to happen before he would do that. He also told us the scores on the Civil Service Exam do matter, but that's not the only criteria he will consider.

We want your opinion. Should the Mayor add Ben Raymond's name to the list of finalists?

The Mayor is expected to make his decision by the end of this week.


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