Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond talks about - and clarifies - a number of just implemented SPD policy changes.

Raymond explains in detail the reasons for the changes, many he says were being discussed even before the recent call for raises for the city's first responders, beginning with the SPD.

"These changes have been in discussion for years," the Chief begins, "The Police Department has gotten to the point where we respond to everything. If there's a violent crime, we respond. If your child won't go to school, we respond, if there's a snake in your bathroom, we respond. Quite literally, we've become the jack-of-all-trades and we really aren't. That's not what the police department was designed for."

And Raymond continues to explain the reasons for the multiple changes. "We are short staffed. We're trying to reduce the calls for service that our officers go to so that we can spend more time focusing on the (calls) that we need to be responsible for."

The Chief had announced earlier this week that that the SPD will no longer immediately respond via 9-1-1 to incidents including private property accidents, some drug complaints, child custody disputes, some misdemeanor theft, animal complaints, parking complaints, some civil matters and juveniles.

For a list and explanation of the Shreveport Police Department's new policies, JUST CLICK HERE!

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