Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond admits he made mistakes in how he handled the case of Tommie McGlothen Jr. who died while in police custody. Raymond has told the Shreveport City Council "I absolutely made mistakes in this investigation. I should have put the officers on leave earlier."

The 4 officers involved in the incident with McGlothen were placed on leave this week.....on the same day KSLA released video of McGlothen's arrest when he was punched, kicked and tased.



Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor and Councilman Jerry Bowman raised serious questions about how this case was handled from the beginning.

Several Council members also told the Mayor they should have been informed about this case from the early stages rather than more than a month after the death when citizens are outraged about how the case has been handled.

Caddo Coroner Dr. Todd Thoma says McGlothen died of natural causes but his death could possibly have been prevented. The coroner's report says

44-year-old Tommie Dale McGlothen Jr. died early April 6th from excited delirium. According to the American Medical Association this is the sudden death of individuals "who are combative and in a highly agitated state" and who have exhibited "agitation, excitability, paranoia, aggression and apparent immunity to pain, often associated with stimulant use and certain psychiatric disorders.

Chief Ben Raymond sent KEEL News this message:

This incident has been under investigation since April 5, 2020.  It is common practice to not investigate alleged internal administrative violations until after a criminal investigation has concluded.  The criminal investigation has not concluded but we completed our portion and recently began the IAB investigation.  We've handled this case appropriately from Day One.

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