Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond talks about Project Guardian and Operation Legend, a joint city, parish and federal effort to fight violent crime.

The Chief emphasizes that, historically, this type of involvement by the Justice Department via the United States Attorney's Office means a reduction in crime.

And a summary of the plan from the US Attorney's Office, Western Distruct:

"Too many lives have been tragically lost and too many people have been senselessly injured due to gun violence in our city. Since May 2020, there have been shootings in Shreveport where at least ten innocent children have been shot and some killed. Our organized efforts are in honor of these and the many other victims who suffered at the hands of these dangerous criminals. Many Shreveport neighborhoods are filled with gun shots being fired randomly. Local community leaders and officials have held prayer vigils and rallies to try to bring awareness to this situation and encourage individuals in our community to stop the gun violence."

"It's an opportunity for us to pet together law enforcement agencies from across northwest Louisiana to come together and determine the best option for prosecuting violent criminals and keeping them off our streets," says Raymond. "The federal government is not involved in as many they can focus on the cases they think are going to most effect crime in the local area."

He also explains how the Feds involvement lightens an overloaded Caddo District Attorney's office. "They can take the cases that involve the most violent criminals that need to come off the streets."


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