Imagine your perfect summer afternoon. For many it's a day in the sunshine, watching a ballgame, eating a hot dog and having a cold beer...or two.

Now, imagine that's your job! Imagine a world where you get paid to watch major league baseball and wolf down a frankfurter with all the trimmings. Well, believe it or not, baseball's powers that be may be looking for you.

The website BonusFinder is looking for folks who love their baseball - and especially the concession stand - to be official Major League Baseball food testers. And as if that isn't good enough, if you're selected, you'll get $500, plus extra cash to cover additional food and travel The fans selected (and you know there will be quite a few) will be tasked with writing food reviews on concessions at various MLB stadiums, specifically the quality, tastiness, etc., of the hot dogs.

According to Southern Living, here are what the criteria that make a top notch dog:

  • Hot dog appearance and color
  • Quality of the bun and bread flavor
  • Hot dog flavor complexity and quality of meat
  • Sauce and topping generosity
  • Value for money

So, if you have more than a little free time, are willing to travel (a little), love baseball and think you have the semi-sophisticated taste buds to be an Epicurean of the tube steak, JUST CLICK HERE TO APPLY!


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