The Pelican Institute in Louisiana is calling for major changes to help Louisiana's economy and spur growth. The Institute just released a Jobs and Opportunity Agenda which outlines ways state leaders can work to find answers to our repeated budget problems.


The report says

Now is the time for fundamental reforms to the state’s budget, fiscal, and constitutional structures; the combination of which can finally turn the tide to bring jobs back to Louisiana and create a state where everyone can pursue opportunity. It is not the time for half-measures. Only a comprehensive vision for sweeping reforms will ensure Louisiana has the essential policies to bring jobs—and citizens—back to our state.


One suggestion in the plan is to solve Louisiana’s annual fiscal crisis by adopting a more comprehensive, holistic approach to reform the state’s antiquated budget system.

The plan also calls for efforts to encourage job growth and entrepreneurship by reforming Louisiana’s tax system to make it fairer, flatter, and more predictable.


Another big item on this list is to make sure every Louisiana child has access to a high-quality education of their choosing.  Daniel Erspamer says this will give every child the opportunity to succeed.

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