New polling numbers have been released in the Shreveport Mayor's race. The official numbers from JMC Analytics show Ollie Tyler with the lead in the race.

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The poll talked to "likely Shreveport voters" and shows 27% support for Tyler. The details show 5% or less (for Steven Jackson, Anna Marie Arpino, Temecius Dixon, and Jeron Rogers). The release from the Caddo GOP (the group that commissioned the poll) shows support for Adrian Perkins "fell below the midpoint of this range (trailing Jim Taliaferro and Lee Savage by several percentage points and behind Ollie Tyler by double-digits), but still polled above those candidates with support of 5% or less."

This poll was conducted on September 29 and October 1. Likely Shreveport voters were contacted.  The margin of error is 4.4%. The demographic breakdown of the respondents was 51-47% black/white (2% “other”), while the party registration of respondents was 56-30% Democratic/Republican (15% Independents). The geographic breakdown of the respondents included a proportionate number from each City Council District (A thru G).

"It’s clear from this poll that defeating the incumbent Ollie Tyler is not only possible, but expected, with either Jim Taliaferro or Lee Savage facing her in the runoff for Shreveport mayor, and that’s with polling nearly twice as many Democrats as Republicans,” says Louis R. Avallone, Chairman of the Caddo Parish Republican Party, “and to unseat an incumbent like Ollie Tyler, and topple the backroom power structure that has dominated our community for so long, we’re going to need the strongest possible support from everyone in the community.”

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