Last week, Shreveport Police Union leader Michael Carter told KEEL News that the Police Union would soon take a vote within the Union to endorse a candidate in the Shreveport Mayor's race. The Union itself would be making the endorsement, not any one particular member or leader.

The race for the Shreveport Mayor's seat is down to two candidates, incumbent Mayor Ollie Tyler, and challenger Adrian Perkins. The two will battle in a runoff on December 8th for the position.

Today, the Shreveport Police Union announced their endorsement of Adrian Perkins in that race. According to the release, Adrian Perkins received 80% of the votes, Mayor Ollie Tyler got 7%, and 13% abstained from voting.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

After the comments of Carter last week, it isn't a big surprise that Perkins got the endorsement over Mayor Tyler, but the shock comes in the margin. Perkins gained 73% more vote than Mayor Tyler. In fact, more of the Shreveport Police Union voters chose to abstain from voting than chose to endorse Mayor Ollie Tyler.

In this year's Shreveport Mayoral Primary, Perkins led the field of candidates with 29% of the vote, and Mayor Ollie Tyler earned a spot in the runoff with 24% of the vote.

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