Adrian Perkins recently announced he is running for re-election for another four year term as Mayor of Shreveport. But he will likely have several challengers.

One name that repeatedly pops up is Shreveport Councilwoman LeVette Fuller as a possible candidate for Mayor. She tells KEEL News she is asked that question every day and she is not in a position now to make any kind of decision on a possible Mayoral run. Fuller says she has only been in office for 2 years and her priority right now is to concentrate on the needs of her constituents in District B which includes Highland, Centenary, Stoner Hill and the surrounding areas.

In the unscientific KEEL poll in the Mayor's race, here are the top candidates and the results from our poll so far:

Jim Taliaferro 25.18%
Brian Crawford 16.98%
LeVette Fuller 15.69%
Mario Chavez 12.06%
Adrian Perkins 6.56%
Steven Jackson 3.75%
Lee O. Savage 3.63%
San Jenkins 3.51%
Markey Pierre 3.28%
William Bradford 2.93%
Greg Tarver 2.69%
Curtis Joseph 2.11%
Barbara Norton 1.63%

The Mayor's race in Shreveport is not until the fall of 2022 and already we have learned campaign committees have been formed and the race is on.

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