The owner of the small dog that was killed at the dog park this week has sent us this message. Katherine May is dealing with this tragedy but says she is the one to blame for this tragedy.

"Who is at fault? I am, not the city, not the other dog or owner, ME. I have to live with that. I have to live with my poor decision to let my kids go in there without me. Why, did I let them go? I did not just park and let them go because I didn't want to parent. No. I ate my dinner quickly (cause I didn't want to take the food in!), and was on my way in as they were coming out. I made a bad mistake."

City leaders also issued a statement after learning of the tragic news:

“The City of Shreveport has undertaken every effort to make its newly opened dog park an inviting and family-friendly environment.  The unfortunate incident this week has highlighted the importance of our community being aware of  all the rules and regulations of the dog park. 

The park currently maintains separately marked areas for dogs of different temperaments.  Dog owners are ultimately responsible for the actions of their pet(s), and each member of the public is expected to adhere to the posted rules of the park. The rules that govern the use of the park are found in the City’s Code of Ordinances, are also displayed near the park entrance, and are derived from best practices around the country.  Per the ordinances, a person 18 years or older who brings a dog to the dog park is expected to be inside the enclosed dog park and have visual and voice control of the their dog(s) at all times. Minors are not allowed to accompany dogs unattended.

The City of Shreveport remains committed to the success of the park.”

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