With states across the USA - Louisiana included - struggling to convince a number of "vaccine resistant" demographics to line up for the shot, one state has come up with a novel idea to sway the needle-resistant crowd.

What if we pay them. In fact, what if we pay them a lot. Like...a million dollars!

Well, in an idea that folks all over America hope will become a second pandemic, the state of Ohio has announced plans for a multi-million dollar vaccine lottery.

Beginning May 26 the Ohio lottery will give away a million dollar prize every Wednesday for five consecutive weeks. From WBNS TV in Columbus:

"Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has made many newsworthy statements in his long political career, but perhaps none has generated such an immediate and intense response as announcing a weekly one million dollar prize and full ride college scholarships to entice more Ohioans to get the COVID-19 vaccine."

The Governor's idea has drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, but DeWine defends his giveaway, saying anything to get more Ohioans vaccinated is a good idea.

And how will it all work? Again from WBNS:

"(The Governor) said details are still being ironed out, but in short, Ohioans age 18 and older who have received at least one dose of the vaccine will be entered into a weekly drawing for the $1 million prize. Vaccinated Ohioans under 18 will be entered into a similar drawing for full college scholarships, including tuition and room and board."

The giveaway will be a concerted efforted between the Ohio state lottery and the state's department of health. The prize payouts will come from the nearly $5.5 billion the state will receive in federal COVID relief money.


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