The "wintery mix" that's supposed to plague our area might not be as bad as we originally thought. Hydrologist C.S. Ross with the National Weather Service here in Shreveport says parts of east Texas in the Mount Pleasant area reported a dusting of light snow, and there were reports early this morning of freezing rain sticking to elevated objects, like light poles and cars that hadn't been driven in a while. Here in Shreveport, there were a few reports of sleet and light rain. But Ross says that should all be out of here by noon.

As for rainfall, we have seen quite a lot of that since last week. Ross tells KEEL News that on the 8th and 9th, we got more than two inches of rain. And that didn't have time to dry up before we got another nearly two inches. He says that put us just short of flooding issues...but at the moment, there are only minor high water issues on Wallas Lake, south of Shreveport.

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