Now the winter storm has found another way to make our lives miserable this week, only this will affect us even after the winter weather leaves our area.

Granted, the spike in gas prices we've already seen this week is a small spike. However, it could grow the longer it takes for things to get back to normal.

When our oil refineries shut things down after the winter storm hit, we saw an average spike in gas by about three cents state-wide. As many of you have probably noticed, and as I've written multiple times, we were already on a steady rise when it comes to gas prices as it is. Unfortunately, this winter storm will make things a little worse.

Not only will the price of gas continue to slowly rise, but also, gas may be harder to find in the coming weeks. Triple-A Fuel Analyst Don Redman says, "Stay gassed up because there may be some hiccups in the delivery process, you might see some stations that don’t have gasoline for the fact that they just can’t get it delivered.”

Speaking about the impact of the current winter storm, Redman says they now forecast gas prices to rise another 110-15 cents. That's over 20 cents from this time last month.

Every single year in Shreveport-Bossier, we beg, hope, and pray for winter weather. This winter season we got more than we can handle, I'm sure we won't be asking for winter weather next year after this disastrous week.



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