It's no secret that we are all frustrated at the gas prices that seem to keep creeping higher and higher. It's not just the gas prices that we all hate, it's the actual process of filling up the gas tank. It's an extra 20 minutes of your day and it's just not enjoyable.

"It's one of the worst things you have to do every week, so why not eliminate that from someone's day?" said Trey Rogers with Landers in Bossier.

The 12 days leading to Christmas, Landers in Bossier brought back their "12 Tanks of Christmas", where they drive around town and randomly fill up someone's gas tank. This is the kind of ambushing I want and need in my life, someone to have me stop what I am doing so they can fill up my gas tank.

Andreas Rentz, Getty Images
Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Trey was pumping the gas and paying for it. I mean who wouldn't love that?

Trey Rogers and the crew at Landers launched "12 Tanks of Christmas" in 2020. Trey claims that Landers "Wanted to find a unique way to make people smile even though it felt like the whole world was shut down." Trey went on to say "What makes people smile? A full tank of gas that you don't have to pump or pay for." 

I was invited to join them on this crazy journey and I will say the best part of all is hearing the joy that comes out of the conversation. I love that we have so many businesses in our community that are finding unique ways to spread joy.

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