A recent survey by the personal financial website WalletHub lists the best and worst states to drive in, an in what will certainly be a surprise to anyone who has driven Louisiana roads or paid a Louisiana auto insurance premium, the state in not listed among the worst!

Considering a variety of metrics, including traffic congestion, the price of gas and insurance rates, the Pelican State ranks as the 17th best in the entire USA!

Here's WalletHub's "Best and Worst" ranking:


Best States for DrivingWorst States for Driving
2Illinois42New Jersey
5Texas45Rhode Island
6North Carolina46New Hampshire

One of the most surprising - okay, amazing - findings is that in the category of infrastructure, i.e., condition of roads, bridges, etc., the state ranks 21st out of 51. And perhaps even more astonishing, is the state's ranking of ninth when it comes to driver safety.

To see the complete WalletHub "Best and Worst States for Driving" study, JUST CLICK HERE!

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