State Representative Alan Seabaugh talks about the status of a legislative move to make the .45% temporary sales tax permanent.

"The bill started on the Senate side. They're trying to pretend like this was a surprise and no one knew it was going to happen," says Seabaugh, explaining that the proposal was an addendum to a proposed tax on medical marijuana, "That's not true. We've known it was going to happen for almost a month. They're trying to bring it back (and make it permanent) by saying their going to dedicate it to roads. But we have more money going to roads this year than in the eleven years that I've been here."

Here's what Rep. Seabaugh had to say, giving details about the proposal and its current status on both sides of the legislature.

And what about the House member, specifically Seabaugh, one on the leaders of the conservative contingent. "We put out a press release yesterday saying that we had 41 members of the Conservative endorse opposition to the bill. We polled the members (Wednesday) afternoon and not one single member said they were going to vote for it. And there is no circumstance under which I would vote for that bill."

And Seabaugh adds that the Senate version of the bill may not have the requisite number to advance either.


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