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Mitt Romney has finally clinched the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday, with 1,144 delegates.

In Texas he won 72 percent of the vote, to President Barach Obama's 88 percent. And even though Romney should be the "man of the hour" it appears supporter and used-to-be presidential candidate Donald Trump is getting most of the attention.
Romney has been the front runner since former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum dropped out in April, making it impossible for Texans to give the nomination to Santorum.
However, the Lone Star state yesterday was key in giving Romney the 58 delegates he needed to put him over the top. The 1,144 delegates were essential in Romney grabbing the nomination.
Romney wasn't even in Texas yesterday. He was celebrating at a fundraiser with - you guessed it - Donald Trump.
And the giant comb-over haired former presidential candidate is still asking about President Obama's birth certificate.
How much has Trump given to Romney's campaign? How about $2,500 just this time. That's according to the Federal Election Commission.
Trump just won't get off the "Obama's not a U.S. citizen" bandwagon.
It's so bad, the Obama campaign has attacked Romney for not publicly denouncing Trump's claims. They even released a Web video contrasting Romney's silence with clips of McCain correcting supporters who made similar comments about Obama during the 2008 campaign.
In a Twitter post before the fundraiser, Trump made the charges again. Obama "is practically begging (Romney) to disavow the place of birth movement, he is afraid of it and for good reason. He keeps using (Sen. John McCain) as an example, however, (McCain) lost the election," Trump wrote. "Don't let it happen again."
The quote is from USAToday.com.