This afternoon the Shreveport City Council voted to approve the appointment of KEEL's Erin McCarty to the City's Architectural and Engineering Committee. The vote was 6-1, with Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch as the only "no" vote.

McCarty was nominated by Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler earlier this year, and was very public about the possible appointment through the whole process. There were some in the community who voiced concerns about the appointment, but the vast majority of those with something to say on the subject came out in support of McCarty's appointment. Which was reflected in today's City Council voting margin.

Late this afternoon, McCarty provided a statement on the appointment:

“I look forward to serving the city I love.  I have pledged to the Shreveport City Council and the Mayor that I will serve with integrity. My goal is to bring more openness to the process of evaluating these professional services bids.  I have also told Mayor Tyler this appointment will have no impact on my job on KEEL where I will continue to shine a light on the key topics and issues that matter to our listeners”

During the entire process, McCarty has gone as far as discussing the possible appointment on the air, which can be heard here:

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