A 45-year-old man was found this morning floating on the east side of Buzzard Island on Cross Lake.  Authorities had been searching for a missing boater since Saturday night.

The man was found floating near the island by Shreveport Police Department Cross Lake Patrol.  Shreveport Fire Department Dive Rescue assisted in getting the body out of the water.

The first report of the man being in the water came in Saturday night.  A stalled boat with three adult brothers was being towed back to the launch when one man supposedly jumped out of the boat.

Screaming ensued, causing the towing boat to disconnect the tow rope and turned back to help.  Shreveport Police and Fire Departments started their search that night, but continued yesterday with the assistance of the Caddo Sheriff's Office, Natchitoches Sheriff's Office, and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries.

The Caddo Coroner's Office is now working to confirm the identify the man.