In an op-ed written for Fox News, Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson says that the "US must act to stop foreign subversion of our democracy."

The first term lawmaker from Bossier City writes that some enemy nations are using outside groups to funnel millions in influence money, and no disclosure is required

"Our susceptibility to foreign aggression is a serious matter. Today, adversaries like China, Russia and Iran have become increasingly adept at inserting their agendas into our politics. Recent evidence suggests that nations funding terrorist groups have found new methods to circumvent our protections and lobby lawmakers without disclosure. Some U.S. intelligence officials have characterized their actions as a 'relentless assault,' and many have warned that our outdated laws need to be revised to address the growing problem."

Johnson also says that the federal agencies whose job it is to keep an eye on these nations have no real authority to act:

"In September 2016, the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued a report on the subject following its exhaustive review. The report outlined longstanding deficiencies and concluded the U.S. government lacks a comprehensive enforcement strategy and the adequate tools to combat foreign influence abuses."

But, Johnson says, despite the seemingly growing problem, solutions may not be beyond reach:

"Using commonsense recommendations from years of investigative reports, I have introduced legislation to address the dangerous shortcomings in current law and remove grey areas that have been used to circumvent disclosure requirements. These long overdue reforms will help restore transparency and enhance our nation’s defenses by fortifying our laws and allowing the NSD to do its job."

Johnson says that of all political leanings should agree that our government's integrity is being threatened and the easiest answer to the problem is full transparency and disclosure.

To read Congressman Mike Johnson's complete Fox News op-ed, JUST CLICK HERE!

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