What started as a promotional item in the 1990s, returned as a legend of the internet in 2017, and is returning today.

McDonald's debuted their Szechuan McNugget Dipping Sauce on June 19th, 1998. It was a promotional release that came from the company's promotional partnership with Disney for the movie Mulan.

After the original release, it was long forgotten. Until the animated series Rick and Morty brought back the sauce. No, literally they put the sauce into the show as a bit, and it became such a massive hit, they got one of the biggest companies in the world to bring it back.

When the sauce returned in 2017, it set off a massive response. People lined streets to get their hands on the sauce. Packets were selling for HUNDREDS of dollars on eBay, and stores were selling out.

Now to present day. Late last night, McDonald's posted to their official social media that the sauce would be returning today...

McDonald's on Facebook
McDonald's on Facebook

People started freaking out. They had to get their hands on that sauce again. Which, we fell into the trap off too. I was in line at a Shreveport McDonald's at 10:30am today. No sauce. In fact, they were confused.

I drove down the road to find two more McDonald's locations, no sauce there, more confusion.

When I came back to my office, I called ALL of the Shreveport McDonald's locations (got hung up on multiple times), none of them had the sauce, or knew what was up. So I was very puzzled. Their social has a clear reference to the sauce, their official "blue check mark" said it would be available at 10:30am. How could this happen?

But, I think I've cracked the code.

The Shreveport stores don't have it, because we're in Louisiana. We're in America. Which means we're not in New Zealand.

The problem with homogenized corporate social media is that your public, the users, your customers can get easily confused. This is a prime example. Because the OFFICIAL McDonald's page that shared it, its the McDonald's New Zealand page.

So yes, Szechuan Sauce is coming back today, but not in Shreveport.

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