Caddo Parish Commissioner and Mayoral candidate Steven Jackson received a threatening messages delivered to his home. He also got a threatening phone call.

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Jackson says he has asked State Police to investigate this case as a hate crime. We caught up with the Commissioner to talk about these threats. We asked Jackson if he had  a message for the person who sent him this threatening document. He said "I love you and I'm praying for you."  The note tells Jackson to get out of the race for Mayor. Jackso tells KEEL News in no way will he consider dropping out of the campaign because of these scare tactics.

Some people are suspicious of these messages and claim this is a campaign tactic. Jackson told KEEL there is no merit to those claims. "It's very sickening and it's very heartbreaking. This is clearly an act of hate, an act of hate speech."

Here is our complete interview with Jackson:

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