Mayor Adrian Perkins is making changes on another local board.  KEEL News has learned at least 3 members of the current Airport Authority Board are being replaced. We have been provided this letter that was sent to Margaret Shehee who serves as a member of the Authority. Shehee was appointed by former Mayor Cedric Glover.

KEEL has been told by multiple sources that Waynette Ballengee and Mary L. Jackson are also being replaced. Ballengee currently serves as Chairman of the Authority.

These are the 3 we are told have gotten the boot:

Airport Authority

There are 5 members of the Airport Authority. The other 2 members are Jonathan Reynolds and Grant Nuckolls. They apparently will remain on the board.

Airport Authority










The Airport Authority is represented by a five-person voluntary board which serves on rotating terms.  Grant Nuckolls tells us he has not received a notice indicating he's being replaced nor has he heard about the other possible replacements. Nuckolls, the owner of Twisted Root Burger serves on Mayor Adrian Perkins' transition subcommittee for economic development.

We discussed the changes on the Board during our show Friday morning: