SHREVEPORT, LA - Bossier City police have caught up with a young woman who is suspected of trying to steal a baby from a Baton Rouge hospital.

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21-year-old Dinesty Selmon is accused of trying to kidnap a baby from Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. She was arrested in Bossier City and has now been extradited back to Baton Rouge where she was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and is facing charges of attempted kidnapping and (7) counts of unauthorized entry of a business.

Baton Rouge Police suspect Selmon of casing the hospital for several weeks and somehow was able to get an access card which would give her entry to several parts of of hospital.

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Police believe Selmon walked the halls of the hospital and found a room with a baby where the parents weren’t present. Police later discovered the baby was in intensive care and the parents didn’t live in Baton Rouge.

Sgt Darren Ahmed says “She may have sought that that was a perfect opportunity to go in and act like this child was hers.”

Selmon apparently learned the child’s medical history by reading the charts. This story gets even more twisted. Selmon told her boyfriend she had a baby while out of town in Baton Rouge and had to take the baby to the hospital for treatment of a medical condition.

Sgt Ahmed says “Selmon even took the young man to the hospital to visit with several doctors in hopes to schedule false or fictitious medical appointments for the child.”

Selmon's boyfriend got suspicious when he noticed the name on the door of the hospital room did match the name of the baby. He told a friend about his suspicions and that friend is a nurse who alerted the medical team.

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Sgt Ahmed says police were then involved and determined her story was not true adn she had not even given birth to a child. This led to the discovery of the security breach.

Police once Selmon and her boyfriend got back to the hospital, a security team stopped them and asked for her ID card and was escorted out of the hospital.

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital released the following statement:

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is committed to providing best-in-class pediatric care and to bringing a Spirit of Healing to our patients and our community. We value the trust the community has placed in us to care for children across the state and the safety of our patients is one of our highest priorities. We are grateful to local law enforcement for their support in this case. All additional questions should be directed to Baton Rouge Police Department.

The baby was never taken out of the hospital.

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