In a hotly contested battle over abortion rights in Louisiana, the Louisiana State Supreme Court has denied the latest appeal by abortion providers trying to block Louisiana's abortion laws for a third time.

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When Roe v. Wade was overturned by the US Supreme Court on June 24th, Louisiana's 'trigger law' went immediately into effect banning abortions in the state of Louisiana.  Again, to clarify for people who do not understand... The US Supreme Court did not 'make abortions illegal in the United States'.  Because abortion is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution, they simply, and wisely, removed the themselves from the debate, and returned the decision of abortion back over to each individual state.  From

In 2006, Louisiana became one of the first states to implement a trigger law. Technically known as the Human Life Protection Act, this trigger law makes abortion illegal in Louisiana, except for the life of the mother, when Roe v Wade is overturned and Supreme Court of the United States allows states to make decisions.

Days after Louisiana's trigger ban went into effect, 19th Judicial District Judge Don Johnson ruled on behalf of abortion providers in the state, including Hope Clinic in Shreveport, that the trigger ban was 'unconstitutional', blocking the laws from going into effect. Thus allowing abortion providers to continue practicing abortions while the legitimacy of the trigger laws are being fought in court.

Then the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that Judge Johnson had to suspend his ruling, thus blocking abortions... again.  Abortion activist plaintiffs then appealed to the State Supreme Court to overturn the 1st Circuit's ruling.

Abortions continue to be illegal in the state of Louisiana while the courts battle the legitimacy of the trigger ban.

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