Since I moved to Louisiana a few years back, I have seen a ton of stories about how terrible things are here.  It seems like every week there is a new survey or ranking that shows the Bayou State in a bad light.  Whether it's how bad we are at spotting scams,  our highest-in-the-nation sales tax, or how our incomes are dropping at an astounding rate - we don't exactly get the best press.  That's why it does my heart good to see some positive news about our fair state, especially when it comes to the quality of our educational system.

The National Council on Teacher Quality puts out a bi-annual report detailing how well each state is doing in regards to the policies and procedures in place to assure quality teachers are instructing the students.  In the latest report, Louisiana received the highest grade awarded in the study - a B+.  We actually tied with Florida for the top spot in the nation for the much deserved grade.

According to, states are evaluated on a nine factors to determine the ranking:

  • General Teacher Preparation
  • Elementary Teacher Preparation
  • Secondary Teacher Preparation
  • Special Education Teacher Preparation
  • Alternate Route Teacher Preparation
  • Hiring
  • Teacher and Principal Evaluation
  • Teacher Compensation
  • Retaining Effective Teachers

Find out where our schools excelled and where they need help by clicking here.

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