School begins on Thursday in Bossier and Webster Parishes. This past weekend, stores were packed with folks picking up the items on the school supply lists.

You can find these lists online for all of the local schools. For the most part the lists are pretty standard. But we got an email asking about one particular item and we checked it out. High school students in Bossier Parish are asked to buy  "one box of feminine hygiene products for girls". We also found this item on the list for 7th graders at Haughton Middle School. It's also on the list for other middle schools, as well.

These back to school lists have changed over the years. It used to be paper, pencils, a ruler, crayons, notebook and the basics. You might have a protractor thrown in one year, or a compass. But every year, it was pretty simple. But over time, these lists have gotten complex and in some cases, pretty expensive. I remember when my children went to high school, they needed a $100 graphing calculator. For some families, that might be tough to handle.

Now, you will find all kinds of things on these lists that are items the schools used to provide. Kleenex is on just about every list. You will also find hand sanitizer and paper towels and even some cleaning supplies.

Many parents are ok with these supply lists, but some wonder why some of these hygiene items are included. Teachers will tell you they need these items and it is a big help to have the supplies on hand as they are needed throughout the year.

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