As a general rule, most of us never call our safety into question while we are on the job.

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There are exceptions for those brave men and women in the military, police, fire, medical staff at mental institutions and those working at convenience stores and anyone who works in shady areas of their town.

The safety I'm referring to is from others. Not the safety of the job itself. Rest assured, I know plenty of people with less than a full compliment of ten digits because of their construction or oilfield job.

But, when Texas teachers were quoted in a story from as stating, "the failure of state leaders to protect the health and safety of students" was one of the biggest reasons the majority of them are considering leaving their educational occupation, that's a scary notion.  One only needs to imagine the horror felt by those poor Uvalde teachers to understand their plight.

John Moore/Getty Images
John Moore/Getty Images

Exactly How Many Teachers Are Considering Quitting?

A survey conducted by the Texas State Teacher's Association earlier this year, shows that 70% of the teachers said they were considering quitting.

What would happen to the Texas educational system if nearly three out of every four teachers followed up on their consideration?  Of course it would bring on a complete collapse of the system.

What Are The Biggest Reasons Causing Teacher Dissatisfaction?

So, what are the biggest issues that have these teachers so disenchanted with their current jobs?  It's a long list.

  • The failure of state leaders to protect the health and safety of students
  • 94% of the respondents said the pandemic increased the stress in their professional lives
  • Teachers spent an average of $846 out of their own pockets during the past school year for classroom supplies
  • 84% said their workload and planning requirements increased
  • 82% said they experienced more financial pressures during the pandemic
  • 41% said they took extra jobs during the school year to meet their families’ financial needs
  • Texas teacher annual salary is about $7,000 less than the national average
  • Despite some pay raises, many respondent teachers said much of their increase has gone to other expenses such as annual health insurance premiums

I'm not saying that I have an answer for Texas teachers or Louisiana for that matter, but someone better get ahead of this before we find out what a completely uneducated society is incapable of.

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