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One of the major news stories from 2022 has continued into 2023.  Government officials, starting at the national level, and going down to local levels, have either discussed, or have taken action to ban TikTok from any municipality-issued computer or smart device.

Louisiana State Superintindent of Education Cade Brumley has issued a press release stating that he is "advising schools and school systems to immediately remove TikTok or any other applications developed by ByteDance Limited from any publicly-funded devices."

Brumley continued:

Further, I am recommending that TikTok be eliminated as a communication outlet for school systems and schools including co-curricular clubs, extracurricular organizations, and sports teams. Using TikTok may create legal ramifications due to the potential release of personally identifiable student information. Further, and more importantly, we must take every precaution to safeguard student privacy today and into their futures.

Popular Video App Tik Tok Under National Security Review
Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


If you have TikTok on your personal device, you might be surprised at the massive amount of data TikTok is collecting from you. And they collect this data without your knowlege, and sometimes whether you're using the app or not.

According to, here is just some of the data TikTok collects from your device.

  • The device you use to access the video
  • Your location when accessing the video
  • Your IP address when watching the video
  • If you searched on the platform
  • What new content you viewed
  • The app you used right before you viewed TikTok content

The article continues:

When you sign up for TikTok, you must share an email address or phone number and your date of birth. TikTok adds these to its anonymized metadata for information that can be shared with advertisers, as shared in their privacy policy. TikTok also shares that it collects text, images, and video from your device’s clipboard if you copy and paste content to or from the app – or share with a third-party platform.

Basically, anything you do online is being tracked by ByteDance Limited.  But in addition to the data collected, the version of TikTok you see here in the US, is vastly different from the version being fed to users in China.  The child-friendly version in China only shows science experiment videos, educational videos, museum exibits, and patriotism videos. China also limits the amount of time children under 14 are allowed to use the app each day.

The American version of the app is vastly different. 60 Minutes did a piece on the differences between the two versions.  You can see that in the video below.

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