My daughter in law, Sarah McCoy, is one of Shreveport/Bossier's finest real estate agents.

She credits her success, in a large part, to the incredible schools that we have here in North Louisiana, that make homes here highly sought after.

A article recently published by, supports that notion:

For many families, the school district is a top criteria when deciding where to buy a home. But this consideration and ability to choose is not a luxury all families can afford, especially in today’s wildly competitive housing market.

The same article includes the rankings of nearly five hundred school districts in the entire country as determined by

How Did They Come Up With These Rankings?

Niche's rankings were based on a number of factors including academic scores, teacher salaries, expenses per student and access to additional extracurricular activities.

I bring up the criteria they used for the sake of argument. Some would argue that teacher salaries don't necessarily dictate the success of a school system. The same argument could be waged when it comes to any of these, however, based on these variables, I was sad to see that the Top 10 school districts were all in either Illinois or New York.

Once You Get Out Of The Top 10, We Finally See Another State

It wasn't until we get to the eleventh position that we see any other state mentioned; and that was Texas in the Eanes Independent School District in the Austin area.

Sadly, no Louisiana school district cracked the Top 100.  Evidently my daughter in law is just a better agent than she thinks. While our homes are sought after, our school systems really don't stand out on a national scale.

But the findings did lead me to the question of rankings within the State of Louisiana.

Just which districts are the best, based on the variables above, here in the Bayou State?

And below you'll see what I discovered to be The Top 20 Absolute Best School Districts in All of Louisiana For 2022.

The Top 20 Absolute Best School Districts in all of Louisiana For 2022

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