A big vote could come this week on a measure to increase the pay for state lawmakers. HB 149 provides for an increase in the base salary for members of the Louisiana State Legislature.
Currently, lawmakers in Louisiana get a base salary of $16,800 a year. But they also get mileage for each trip to Baton Rouge for state business. They are paid .58 cents a mile. Lawmakers also get a per diem of $161 dollar for every day they attend the legislative session.
This proposal would bump up the base pay for lawmakers to about $40,000 but it wouldn't kick in until after the election this fall.
The House and Governmental Affairs Committee ok'd the increase on an 8-4 vote and the bill is set to be heard this week in the House Appropriations Committee. If it wins approval in that hearing, the bill could head to the House floor for a vote before heading to the Senate.
KEEL News has checked in with several lawmakers who say this increase is not likely to pass during this session since it's an election year and many lawmakers are gearing up for a campaign this fall.
We also requested the figures on just how much each lawmaker received last year. It is worth noting, that the farther away you live from Baton Rouge, the more you will receive for mileage, etc. Members who chair or co-chair committees are also required to be in the capitol more often than other members and will also show more money received.

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