Only 11 states still require an inspection sticker. Louisiana is one of them, but Stonewall Representative Larry Bagley wants to change that. His bill to inspection stickers passes out of the House Transportation Committee on an 8-6 vote.

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Bagley says he wants to shift the $10 annual inspection fee to your vehicle registration cost. He will use the money to fund 150 new Louisiana state troopers. The measure now goes before the full house.

Right now, you have to get a new sticker every other year. You pay $20 for the 2 year sticker.

State Police get 40 percent of the revenue from every sticker, DMV gets 12.5% while the local inspectors get the remaining 47.5 percent.

Bagley’s bill would eliminate the money for the inspection stations and this will leave money for hiring more troopers. He says:

When you add troopers, there are fewer crashes and deaths. Inspection stickers are not working. Adding troopers will work.

Bagley says those additional troopers could help identify unsafe vehicles and encourage drivers to fix their issues immediately.

The proposed bill wouldn’t apply to commercial vehicles like 18 wheelers and school buses. 

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