The New Orleans community has been hard hit by the Coronavirus crisis. First responders have been struggling to keep up with the demand for services. Often there are 30 calls waiting in the cue to be answered.

Homeland Security has reached out to get help to NOLA and the folks at Advanced EMS in Minden have responded. They have sent 3 ambulances and 6 people to help respond to the crisis in New Orleans.

2 of these folks are retired Shreveport firefighters. I am amazed at the number of people in our country who will stop whatever is going on in their own lives to help others.

Advanced EMS

Pam Mackey is one of these folks who completely uprooted her life to join this effort. She tells us they were on the job on day one for 16 hours and made about 14 calls. She tells KEEL News most of these calls were related to the Coronavirus.

The Louisiana Ambulance Alliance steps up to help all around the state in cases of emergency and this is definitely considered a medical crisis in New Orleans.

10 ambulances were requested through the Governors Office of Homeland Security to be activated for the Region 1 area to assist in the major increase in 911 calls in and around the New Orleans area.

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