Local residents are needed for a football crowd scene for a movie currently being filmed in the Shreveport area.


The Northwood Acting Studio will be filming scenes for the move "The Blind" featuring the story of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson. The producers need volunteers to fill the seats of a football stadium for some shots being filmed over the next couple of days.

The football crowd scene is scheduled to be filmed Friday (weather permitting) in Vivian, Louisiana at North Caddo High School. You do have to sign up in advance and send in a photo. You can click here to get all the details about being a part of this project.

Filming is expected to go late into the night, so if you are selected, be prepared for several hours of work. They are in greatest needed of high school aged folks.

What Do We Know About “The Blind”?

It is described as taking place in the deep south in the 1960's as a man struggles with the shame of his past, while navigating his own alcoholism and complicated family dynamics as a husband and father.

Director: Andrew Hyatt
Producers: Zach Dasher, Brittany Yost, Bob Katz
Production Designer: Christian Snell

Other People Needed for This Movie

Folks 18+ who can pass as high school students are needed. The scenes take place between 1973 and 1975 so you can have longer hair but should be willing to shave facial hair to look younger.

They have also been looking for a man who can be in an arm wrestling scene. You must have "big guns" and look intimidating. Long hair and facial hair is ok.

Producers also need a couple of male pharmacists. No facial hair and no long hair. Filming for the pharmacy scenes is set for next week.

They are also looking for college age kids for a large party scene and blue collar factory workers. These scenes are set to be filmed next week.

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