Local power lifter Javon O'Kray says she will still be attending the USA Powerlifting competition later this month even though she's been told she won't be allowed to compete.


O'Kray is a member of the Life of Christ Ministries. Her religion has a strict code of modesty which requires women to wear skirts at all times. She's been allowed to compete in a skirt in previous events, but has now been told she can not wear a skirt at the nationals this year.

But she says Muslim women are allowed to wear different clothing and in fact, there are exceptions in the rules for Muslims. She says that is not fair and is a clear case of religious discrimination.

What will happen now is anyone's guess, but O'Kray has not ruled out legal action. She is asking the National organization to change the ruling, but she has not yet heard back from anyone.

KEEL News has reached out to USA is waiting for a response from Executive Director  Priscilla Ribic and  chairman of the USA Powerlifting Technical Committee, Joe Warpeha who is apparently the person who made the ruling.

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