Shreveport's world class weight lifter Javon O'Kray fought for weeks to be allowed to take part in this year's Raw Nationals and she has done it.

Javon at Raw Nationals

O'Kray is a member of the Life of Christ Ministries. Her religion has a strict code of modesty which requires women to wear skirts at all times. She's been allowed to compete in a skirt in previous events, but was initially told her skirt would not be allowed at Nationals. Eventually, a change was made to allow her to participate and she has just returned from the competition in the Chicago area.

Javon posts about her adventures:

First of all this was a great, but tough journey mentally and physically. Fighting for what I believe in and going to physical therapy all at the same time. Not able to train Like I needed to, but I am so proud of me. I was excited and a nervous wreck all at the same time. With so many thoughts running through my head, I made it. This was a huge meet with over 1300 lifters. Met some awesome people.

Lifts Stats: 9/9 all white lights

Squats 3/3 wanted to go heavier, but was doubting myself. 314 lbs

Bench 3/3 170lbs, but in the warm up room I hit 180 lbs, because I had no idea what was on the bar just jumped in with another group that’s was warming up.

Deadlifts 3/3 479lbs 11lb Personal record

Overall Total 437.5kg total 964.5 pounds

She adds: "Thanks to everyone that stood behind me, and believed in me."

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