Activist Jon Glover explains her recent article in The Inquisitor, "A Community Dying."

In her recent piece, Glover says that Shreveport has been suffering for years and that Shreveport's leaders have forgotten their purpose. "The city, those elected and selected, were they complicit in our city's death?" she asks, but adds there's much more to the problem. ""Our communities, the people who make up those communities, are there actions complicit in the death of a community?"

"As I've gone from place to place to place," Glover continues, "And watching the deterioration, I'm looking at death. I know that if we don't get it together, we're not only going to continue what we see, it will overwhelm all of us."

Then Glover continues to blame Shreveport's troubles on short-sighted, even self-centered leadership. "I know that political agendas are being brought forward, agendas that often don't include all, and I mean all of the citizens of Shreveport and even our parish," she says, adding that, in her opinion, the city's rising crime, violence, broken families, "comes from the heart of man (and they) sit in governmental places,"

"What I know is this," Glover writes in The Inquisitor, "If we don't stop the madness, take a deep breath, come to the table and begina dialogue to eradicate death, death will not only show up, he will show out."


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