State Rep. Larry Bagley says the accusations against LSU Health Chancellor Dr. GE Ghali are " a witch hunt."

Ghali, who has practiced medicine in Shreveport for more than two decades, has been placed on administrative leave, this coming after four employees filed an EEOC complaint. The workers claim they have been subjected to sexual harassment at the local facility. There are also complaints about retaliation.

Bagley, who points out that Ghali has brought financial stability to the medical school, adds that some of the accusations against the Chancellor "are some of the most absurd things I've ever heard in my life.

"There's no question when you look at the entire thing, that it strikes you funny. It was said by one of the supervisors...that whatever has been said by outside groups, the people that represent the area - the elected people - stood up for him. They throw all these things at you like they're throwing mud against the wall to see what'll stick and I don't think much of it will.

"It's sad for Dr. Ghali, a man who's done so well in the community, a world renowned surgeon and maybe it could be argued it's a way to take the heat off (investigations of LSU Baton Rouge)."

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