Big medical news today. Dr. G. E. Ghali, chancellor of the LSU medical school in Shreveport is now on administrative leave. This comes just a day after four employees filed an EEOC complaint. The workers claim they have been subjected to sexual harassment at the local facility. There are also complaints about retaliation.
Dr. David Lewis who is the Dean of the Med School will be the acting Chancellor for now.

Dr. Ghali just issued the following statement:

I am proud of our tremendously qualified team that reflects the diversity of the students we serve. We have consistently elevated female voices to positions of power across our campus, and I continue to believe our model should serve as an example for the rest of the LSU system.

Yesterday, members of the media reported alleged claims against LSU Health Shreveport. On April 7, I received written notice the Title IX review of these same allegations was complete. The investigation did not find sufficient evidence to support any Title IX concern.


LSU Health Shreveport, under my guidance, will always lead by example and operate at the highest standards. Restoring trust in Louisiana's flagship university system should be a priority for every leader. I am confident in a positive outcome of any subsequent review. Still, considering the current system-wide controversy at LSU, I agreed to take a temporary administrative leave of absence during this review and return to campus upon its completion. I am proud of what we have built together, and I look forward to leading this great family of professionals and students for years to come.

- Dr. G.E. Ghali

KEEL News spoke with Larry Bagley who is Chairman of the Health and Welfare committee. He told us:

This is a witch hunt and I stand by Dr. Ghali 100% and will fight for him. This is not about something he has done. This is more about who is running the medical school.

After the EEOC filing on Monday, LSU Health spokesperson Lisa Babin issued this statement:

We have been informed that notices of retaliation, gender and race discrimination are being filed against LSU Health Shreveport. The institution has investigated every complaint to date and taken appropriate actions. LSU Health Shreveport stands ready to defend itself against these latest allegations.

LSU is expected to release a statement on this suspension and KEEL News has also reached out to Dr. Ghali for a statement.


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